TEMPO PACK s. r. o.

Our core values are our customers.

We endeavour to do better for you every day.

Our trade and production company was founded in 2006 with one core objective – to satisfy the needs of the gastronomy market through high quality single-use containers, packaging and napkins through our own products, and also the products of leading global suppliers.

Our company strategy is based on an individual approach to the customer.

Over the years, we haven’t stood still – we are continuously modernising and developing.

In 2021 we underwent a successful company rebranding, and today we are

                                            TEMPO PACK s. r. o.:

  • Producer of paper napkins for the gastronomy market, made using high-tech equipment
  • A reliable wholesale supplier and specialist in the market for single-use containers, food packaging, consumables, napkins and food products for the gastronomy business with over 16 years of experience
  • High quality products
  • Flexible price policy
  • Sophisticated logistics. We guarantee on-time delivery, using our own logistics, or our partners
  • Established long-term partnership
  • Flexible operating hours


We guarantee the quality of our products. The product we offer you is certified. It meets all hygiene standards. Environmentally-friendly. Made from harmless materials. Ideal for food.

Every day, we work to expand and improve our product portfolio to incorporate products which meet the requirements of modern living standards.

We continuously modernise our napkin production equipment in order to meet rising demand and market needs.

We are continuously expanding our company range, which includes more than 150 products.

We base our activities on principles of sustainable development and honest partnership.

Our business office is open every working day from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, with products dispatched from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.

You can get an individual price for our goods by e-mailing us at:
or calling: +420 774 410 604

We are open to mutually beneficial co-operation!




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